Our Work

“Bhayani Foundation” has set up a thriving and excellent mechanism to raise awareness about “Health”, “Women Empowerment”, “Education” and “Food & Water” and strengthen research work in the high priority area.

The Bhayani Foundation holds a variety of events, campaigns, health camp, and awareness program to bring practitioners and community members together to discuss current issues impacting several sectors including health care, education, women empowerment and food & water and suggest solutions.

We make sure that the awareness programs and events work effectively to promote the well-being of people.

We work on hundreds of projects around India & US to improve the quality of education, women welfare, food and health services. We have categorized our work so that you can get help for the sector you’re interested in. Our major works and activities involve:

  • Providing accessible and compassionate medical camp in order to flourish the society.
  • Offering free and inexpensive comprehensive primary health care services for individuals and families.
  • Encouraging people to promote their well-being and healthy lives through awareness and volunteer programs.
  • Making a healthier world by providing good meals and clean water to the those in need.
  • Conducting programs to promote educational benefits that are easily understood by parents.
  • Promoting awareness of early disease cure.
  • Providing women empowerment services and a major support in their pregnancy period.

This is how Bhayani Foundation accomplishes its goals and conducts the programs for human welfare. We aim to give you a welcoming, safe, educated, protective and hygienic environment that encourages a rewarding life.